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                类别:雾炮风机知识 文章出处:鑫风风机发布时间:2020-12-10 浏览人次:


                Specification for safety operation procedures of wind driven remote sprayer manufacturers


                1. preparatory work before the start of the machine


                (1) Check whether there are missing screws and other obstructive objects around the fan and motor, check that the wire is not worn and the leakage protection device is in good condition;


                (2) check whether there are any wear and blockage in each pipeline; wind driven remote sprayer.

                2. 风送式远程喷雾机开→机流程说明:

                2. air assisted sprayer remote boot process description:


                (1) the fluid at the bottom of the exhaust fan:


                (2) open the water supply valve;

                (3)观察供↑水是否充足,喷雾嘴方向是否正确, 供水阀开☆启后能否在里面形成完整的水濗,有没有水滴飞溅等现〖象;

                (3) Observe whether the water supply is sufficient, whether the spray nozzle is in the right direction, whether the water supply valve can form a complete water flow in it after opening, whether there is a splash of water droplets and other phenomena;


                (4) open the fan switch;


                (5) to observe the formation of good water mist:


                (6) the wind driven remote sprayer will start the project after 5 minutes of operation.

                3. 风送式远程喷雾机停机流程⊙说明:风送式远程喷雾』机应用实景图

                3. air supply remote spray machine stop flow description:

                (1) 工程作业结束15分钟后才可关停风送式远程喷雾机:
                (1) the wind driven remote sprayer can be closed only after 15 minutes of the completion of the project.


                (2) the fan is stopped and then closed to the water supply valve.


                4. air - spray machine maintenance instructions remote


                (1) attention should be paid to the stability of the water supply.


                (2) pay attention to whether the water level in the lower cone is rising or not.


                (3) pay attention to the fixing of screws in each part, and whether the gaskets between the flanges are intact, so as to prevent water leakage.


                (4) every week the sewage disposal device and internal dust should be dredged


                (5) cleaning and washing filters and dehydrating devices should be cleaned weekly.


                (6) pay attention to keep the wind driven remote sprayer clean.


                5. one of the following cases is prohibited from its operation instructions:


                (1) repair work when wind driven remote spray is maneuvering.


                (2) operation under the condition of insufficient water supply


                (3) tapping equipment and pipes with metal.

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